5 Ways To Lube Your Libido: For Valentine’s Day Or Any Day

5 Ways To Lube Your Libido: For Valentine’s Day Or Any Day

1.   Rev Your Own Engine

You & Yours


If you find that you often need more time to reach orgasm than your partner, don’t worry, it is totally normal! Women tend to need a bit more of a libido warm up. In preparation, you can start revving your own engine by gently rubbing your clitoris with a little massage or coconut oil. Of course, inviting your partner to do this is also a lot of fun, but if you need to relax your mind first to get into a sexual mood, a little clitoris stimulation on your own can definitely do the trick. It’s like stretching before the long race – lubing your libido to prevent any roadblocks.

All of You

Maybe adding another body in your bed cramps your style this year, and you would rather spend it with all your focus on your vagina. Go at it, girl! Set the mood, grab some oil and explore all of your personal pleasures. One thing that helps me peak my libido is to fantasize about a steamy sexual interaction or replay one that actually happened. This time is all about you, so go slow, stop to take a break and try not to orgasm right away – it’s difficult, I know. But every time you feel on the verge, try pulling your hand away and prolonging the intimate experience. Trust me, this will result in an explosive orgasm! I guess revving an engine always has the risk of explosion, and in this case, it is the desired outcome (pun intended).

3.   Watch a Movie

Films have a great way of influencing our emotions which is a great way to kick-start your sex drive. Maybe a sappy love story gets you all sentimental for your lover or a porn movie makes you hot and bothered. Plan a movie night with your date or enjoy one with yourself before getting fully undressed. Love experts note that getting comfortable on the sofa and tuning into your favorite show can be a great way for you to unwind and sets the tone for a libido-stimulating sexy endeavor.


4.   Aphrodisiacs

Has the mere thought of food ever turned you on? Juicy fruits do it for me. There is something so luscious about biting into a succulent fig or squirting the juices of a melon down my chin. Many foods have historically played the role of igniting couple’s sex drives and even science is acknowledging these libido-enhancing claims. Aphrodisiacs are a fun way of filling your tummy and your sex drive. They can also boost confidence for shyness or even encourage women to have sex on their period. Foods high in antioxidants and fats promote more blood circulation, and some foods just embody sex.

How about a spoonful of honey? Sweet. What about a frothy chai latte? Hot. Ever found pleasure in drizzled olive oil? Silky. And, wouldn’t you know it, herbs have a tendency of influencing hormones – probably because they are living beings themselves. Ginseng and ginko stimulate circulation and energy while basil and cinnamon both have sensual aromatics and hormone balancing properties. A libido tea is an easy way to turn you into a Sex Machine.

5.   Element of Surprise

Nothing rushes my river flow like the element of surprise. A nice and unexpected gesture or a naughty deed will really get my libido going. Dressing up in something unusual like stockings or a tight skirt isn’t only for the benefit of your lover. Getting into a different character – even by wearing thigh-high socks – can elevate your own sense of naughty exploration. When you want to level-up, try role playing which encourages dirty talk, new positions and expressing your desires. And, an element of surprise that we want to incorporate into your lives is the Femna Romance & Love set that one Femna fan will win for participating in our Instagram competition. Follow us @FemnaLife and the rules for your chance to really #LubeYourLibido!

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