“We created FEMNA to give women a single place to find quality natural products, designed for each stage of a woman’s life.”     

– Emily & Maxie

We are Maxie and Emily, two young and committed social entrepreneurs. We first met at Impact Hub Berlin, a co-working community for social enterprises. Emily is from Australia and Maxie from Germany. Both of us unites a shared passion for women’s well-being.


The women in my family have strongly influenced my passion for women’s health and well-being – my grandmother being one of the first female doctors in Germany and my mother being a psychologist working within the Salutogenesis framework. Growing up in the country, I was surrounded by beautiful nature and learned to appreciate its power. Through my first company Ruby Cup, which produces a natural alternative to pads and tampons, I deepened my interest in women’s health and hygiene. With Femna, the focus is now directed towards women’s general health using traditional remedies in a modern way.



My interest in women’s health first sparked when my doctor told me to stop taking the contraceptive pill (which was causing me to have chronic migraines) – I had been taking the pill for years to control my symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Thanks to that forward-thinking advice, I actually started to understand what hormones are and how they work, learning to get to know my body and what’s best for it.

We believe that ailments like menstrual cramps, PMS, cycle fluctuations and menopause discomfort need not be tackled with popping pills all the time. The range of natural alternatives is huge and effective, giving women the opportunity to feel good, naturally. We are slowly and steadily expanding our product range to meet your needs.

With FEMNA, we want to provide the best natural products possible to make women’s lives easier. FEMNA is a portal for women who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, providing natural products and education around various stages of life.


Our team of experts are here to refine and perfect our products, ensuring that you get the best products at the highest quality.




Even our grandmothers knew about the powerful properties of herbs. In times gone by, it was normal to treat symptoms with herbs (and still is in many places today). We’ve worked to revive old recipes and formulations, taking care to improve them when needed to bring you the best of the best in well-being.



Good health should be tasty and smell alluring at all times, so we take the time to optimise taste and aroma in our teas and body products just for you.




We’re here to give you quality products, but we also want to break the taboo around talking about our ovaries. No one should be ashamed to be a woman or be disadvantaged because of her gender.