Have the Best Sex on Your Period – Period!

Have the Best Sex on Your Period – Period!

Periods may be a natural occurrence, but societies tend to shame the monthly cycle. Now start having sex while menstruating and people’s heads might explode. But by the looks of it, the stigma is changing. Men are more educated on the subject and some even like it, while women find cramp and sexual relief (and may even celebrate not being pregnant). Every month, women tolerate their periods in addition to being kick-ass entrepreneurs, working moms and multi-tasking superheroes. We don’t let a little blood flow stop our daily flow of hustle, hustle, hustle. So why let it stop us from our carnal desires? Period sex is not thought of as the sexiest topic, but Femna would like to clear the air and tell you why it is!

Embrace The Blood

It happens every 28 days, 13 times a year – that means that about 20% of the time, from our pre-teens to middle-age, we are bleeding. On average, that is about the same amount of time we spend eating in our lifetime.  So, really, there is no need to be grossed out because it is such a normal thing. It also can enhance your sexual experience – No, seriously, it can.

Vaginal blood is a natural lubricant. No need to search for water-based lube, experimenting with lotions or rifling through the kitchen for oils. When you are on your period, you are already lathered in a silky lubricant that glides your partner’s shaft or toy easily inside of you, like a raft down a waterslide. Reducing friction and chaffing is essential for a woman to reach orgasm. Best of all, blood is not artificial (duh) and, so, it’s organically hypo-allergenic.

Period sex a great feel-good remedy when emotions are high. Many women report feeling horny during menstruation which is just another reason to satisfy this craving. Cramps tend to feel less severe when getting it on too, and if sex alone can’t alleviate your cramps, try this. So, set the mood, lube your libido and become a bloody Sex Machine!



Sailing The Red Sea

Since menstruating is a completely natural thing and women should never be embarrassed about it, neither should men. For a long time, society told women that her period should be an isolated thing – that she should bear it alone. Breaking that stereotype calls for all women to celebrate and satisfy their libido. Today, the modern man (or woman) is a pirate who leaves no body of water undiscovered, not even the Red Sea. Talk with your partner about period sex. If it is something you want, he or she must be mature enough to at least talk about it with you. And some people, commonly known as bloodhounds, even find it a turn on – so, you never know!

Talk with your partner about period sex.

Breaking Inhibitions

Easier said than done. The most difficult task might be actually being comfortable with bloody sex. If you are told to be ashamed of something all your life, it’s going to be tough to all-of-a-sudden be comfortable with it. With the support of your partner, you can ease the tension bit by bit, every period. And the more you do it, the more comfortable you and your partner will become – and the more experienced you will be at embracing the blood or leaving no trace behind. If a heavy flow worries you the most, you can take strides to thin out the stream, and I must advise you to always use a dark-colored towel.


Period Sex Positions

1. Belly Up

The most popular period position tends to be missionary for its ease on cramps and less-mess feature. Lie on your back, spread your legs and let your partner do most of the work. This position lowers the potential leakage by eliminating the gravity pull from being on top. But don’t you fear about spicing things up in this classic position – try a few moderations to ensure full pleasure and satisfaction.


1.1 Add A Pillow

While in missionary, add a pillow under your lower back. This elevates your uterus for deeper penetration and tips your fluids backward rather than out the exit. Many women report that this position decreases cramping and feels spectacular (or at least I can attest to it).

1.2 Butterfly

The butterfly not only promotes deeper-penetration, but it also encourages leg stretching. While on your back, lift your knees to your chest. This position lifts your vagina upward so as not to let anything leak out and feels great on your hamstrings. For more variety, try wrapping your legs around your partner’s neck or resting your heels on their shoulder.

2. Belly Down

Many women enjoy doggy-style but shy away from it during their period for fear of a bloody mess on the sheets. Thankfully, it is still possible to enjoy this position by getting a little creative. Find a flat surface like a table or counter that is hip-high and lay your belly on top. Your partner can enter you from behind while you stay vertical.


3. Shower Sex

An easy fix to every mess is taking a shower. Since you probably will take one anyway, move your sexual desires from the bedroom to the shower and you won’t have a need to be careful since all fluids will easily wash away. Standing sex can be quite enjoyable against the wall, one leg propped up on the edge of the tub or bent over. I have to throw a head of caution here because it can be slippery when wet. Make sure that you are still cautious so that you don’t get hurt. You may even find that the bathroom in general is just the right spot to get messy as it is much easier to clean up the floor than your mattress. Try it bent over the sink or sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

4. Massage

Sometimes, we just don’t feel like having sex. Whether it’s our emotions running high or we just aren’t feeling sexy. The best way to alleviate stress without feeling obligated to put out is a sensual massage from your partner or yourself. If you have a partner or not, you should never neglect your sensual me-time. So, go at it – you know your pleasure spots better than anyone!


Now, bring out the candles, set the mood and take out your menstrual cup before your partner gets home. Lay out the towel and get your healing on! And if even after all this, you still aren’t into it – you do you, girl. Get your cycle on track so you will know when to let loose or hold back.

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