How To Be In Love With Your Period | FEMNA

How To Be In Love With Your Period | FEMNA

That time of the month is coming… your period. This natural process of the female cycle is cleansing and is an important part of being fertile and procreating. We celebrate pregnancy and birth – so, why not menstruation? For many women, having their periods means PMS like cramping and mood swings which is why FEMNA was created – to help and educate women on having a pain free period! Instead of loathing that period of time every month of your fertile years, let’s celebrate! Here are 4 ways to fall in love with your period.

1. Balance your hormones

That’s what FEMNA does! Hormones get out of whack for a number of reasons: chemical exposure, processed foods, indigestible grains and birth control to name a few. FEMNA has set out to restore the balance with natural herbal remedies. For menstruation and cramps, FEMNA has curated the best-selling Zero Tolercramps to help you have a soothing period. Here’s how you can balance your hormones:

  1. You can have them checked with a simple blood or saliva test with your general practitioner or local lab.
  2. Incorporate the right nutrients and phytohormones which means plant-based hormones. You have these hormones in your body but so do plants and you can receive them by consuming plants that contain high amounts. You can consult your herbalist or nutritionist for more information. For example: If you lack estrogen, eat more red clover, hops and carrots because they are high in phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogen). If you lack progesterone, eat more yams because they contain high amounts of phytoprogesterone (plant-based progesterone).

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2. Indulge

That’s right, indulge. Or don’t feel guilty when you have the urge. If you take care of your health on a regular basis and the urge to binge on chocolate comes with your period, embrace it! This can be your chocolate day. Your body wants the magnesium anyway so go ahead and treat yourself. If sugar is an issue, use alternatives like cinnamon and liqorice. You can find these herbs combined with powerful hormone balancing herbs in our tea for satisfying sweet cravings.

Or maybe all you need is a little comfort indulgence. Wrap yourself in a blanket, heat up the hot water bottle and put on your favorite flick. It is time to indulge in some home comfort. Your body is going through a huge shift in hormones and may just need the rest – so go for it and never feel guilty about listening to your body!

3. Yoga for your period

Menstruation yoga is all the rage. Yoga helps balance our mood, stress and mind. We feel energized, relaxed and much more patient when we practice. Menstruation yoga focuses on poses that help alleviate typical pain that comes with it like lower back pain, uterus cramps, water retention and even releasing your flow if you’re a few days late.

During your period, you may also have mood swings so it is a perfect time to inquire some inner peace and meditation. This practice is great for your mind, body and period. Grab your mat, your gals and practice the ancient art of spiritual menstruation awakening!

4. Celebrate your period

Want a reason to have a little fun every month? Celebrate your period! This is a great way to break the period-shaming stigma. Menstruation is a beautiful thing. It is an important part of being a woman, being fertile and detoxing. If you feel positive about your period your period will become a more positive thing. And, you will be spreading the movement to all of your lady friends and, hopefully, we can pass on the word world-wide. Pop the champagne, put on your dancing pants or sexy lingerie and light up the fireworks – it’s time to celebrate your menstruation!

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