Introducing The Femna Team – All About Sex

Introducing The Femna Team - All About Sex

The new Femna team has arrived to the offices of The Place Berlin and wants to introduce themselves to you, our beloved audience. We thought we’d lead by example, break the ice, break taboos and heat things up with some intimate insights about sex. Get familiar & friendly with the new Femna team in Berlin and learn about our sexiest secrets.

Emily, Co-founder: Let’s Have Sex

Introducing The Femna Team - All About Sex

One of the masterminds behind Femna, Emily is the creator of the Femna body oils and manages the brand. She comes from Australian roots but wound up in Berlin after visiting a friend and just never leaving. Her most vivid childhood memory is when she would sing and dance in front of her dad’s VHS camera. She was a star at an early age with home-made music videos and radio shows to prove it. Despite her childhood stardom, something her friends may not know about her is that she is really a shy person.

What is the best way to turn you on?

“Lots of eye sex,” Emily says. When your partner looks at you in that naughty and playful way, you feel wanted by that person – there’s nothing sexier than that. Emily also likes to set the mood for her and her partner with a Spotify playlist called “Let’s Have Sex,” which we at Femna can’t wait to listen to.

Maxie, Co-founder: Turn Me On

Introducing The Femna Team - All About Sex

Our other fearless Femna leader, Maxie is the master of the Femna teas. Her calm demeanor is enticing and you can sense her strong, female empowerment radiating from her core. Maxie says she was greatly inspired by her grandmother, one of the first female doctors in Germany, to pursue her goals whatever the obstacles. As she prepares herself for motherhood, Maxie can still be seen riding to and from work, exercising her superpower of juggling multiple things at once. And in the springtime, Maxie plugs out in her secret swinging hiding spot, the hammock in her garden.

What is your aphrodisiac?

Maxie only needs one. “My boyfriend,” she says. How cute. A strong, independent woman who only needs the sight of her lover to turn her on. No fancy toys or crazy scenarios are needed to please this entrepreneurial spirit. I guess you could say that Maxie favors brand loyalty in both her business and sex life.

Hannah, Herbalist: Play A Game

Introducing The Femna Team - All About Sex

Our very own herbalist, Hannah is our go-to expert for everything herbs. She finds female empowerment from Laura Seiler, an online mindfulness coach, and inspiration from her Shaman and her daughter. When Hannah isn’t teaching Femna about natural healing, you can find her surrounded by nature – in the forests or fields learning about the plants that have aided human healing for centuries. Herbal know-how isn’t all relaxation and balancing chi – Hannah is a secret Michael Jackson fan and loves to let off steam by dancing to his tunes.

How do you spice up married life?

She likes to play games. Hannah and her partner set aside at least an hour during their busy days and alternate turns. This game is called All Your Wishes Come True where one partner gets to request a wish, any wish. Of course, mutual consent is the most important rule of this game. The one with the wish “can choose anything from a foot massage to cuddling to xxx,” says Hannah. “It helps me relax and let go when I know there are no expectations of me and I just get to enjoy!” And the genie in this scenario gets the pleasure of pleasuring their loved one.

Gosia, Graphics: It’s Not All About You

Introducing The Femna Team - All About Sex

Behind every creative mind there lies a creative spirit, and Gosia is that spirit and mind for us here at Femna. She rocks the Instagram account and illustrates all of our images. And she fits the part too. Her style is her own, much like Joel from the film Eternal Sunshine whom she finds is a fictitious character she most identifies with.

How Do You Make Love?

Gosia smiles and confesses that “’Fall in Love with Me’ by Iggy Pop makes me want to take my clothes off!” She goes on to say that making love is much more than just fucking. “It is much more than someone’s body,” Gosia explains, “It’s about all of you and all of your partner.” People can get hung up on themselves – focusing on their own orgasm and how the sex feels to them – but Gosia advises to pay attention to your partner and feel the pleasure that they are feeling.

Alessia, P.R.: Try Something New

Introducing The Femna Team - All About Sex

As diverse as the whole international Femna Team, Alessia is Italian and Lebanese, grew up in New York, studied French, lived in Mumbai and then moved to Berlin. She has faced inequality first-hand and has always looked to her mother as a strong female influence in her life for advice. Meeting Alessia, you instantly feel drawn by her empowered demeanor and caring nature. Her superpower is her ability to instantaneously connect with new people. She is a great listener and responds in a silky, soothing voice.

What sex advice can you give the Femna audience?

“Try something new,” Alessia says, her eyes gleaming with mischievousness. “You won’t know that you like something unless you try it.” Alessia learned this as a naive 22-year-old when she was invited to a Brunch and Bisous party.

So what does Brunch and Bisous mean?

“I thought it was just what the title says: pancakes and kissing!” Soon she found out that she was at a Swinger’s party though she felt completely at ease. “Everyone was very considerate and I felt completely comfortable.” Alessia stresses that trying something new is scary but opens a world of opportunities. She would have never joined a party like that, but, since she unknowingly RSVP’d, found that she had fun without feeling obligated and would definitely try it again.

Melina, Marketing: Tummies & Toys

Introducing The Femna Team - All About Sex

A spontaneous go-getter, Melina never seems to say no. Shortly after being thrown into a marketing Internship, she was sent to New York to conduct a project for a few days which turned out to be a few years. Now in Berlin, a place she calls home, she is fearlessly taking over for Maxie’s pregnancy leave. Don’t let this young CEO, with all of her entrepreneurial endeavors fool you – she is not only dedicated to her work. Melina finds a spiritual and healthy balance to keep her on the ground while she flourishes in the office.

How do you seduce your lover?

A healthy and hearty meal. There is nothing sexier than satiating the tummy – making sure not to over-stuff it. A satisfying meal in the kitchen can easily move to dessert in the bedroom. “And sometimes,” Melina adds, “adding a toy in the mix will really heat things up.”

Annie, Content: Grab My Nipples

Introducing The Femna Team - All About Sex

A literature lover, Annie ventured to become a writer herself. In the process, she learned le raison d’être: love, health and natural remedies. She spends most of her time in the kitchen concocting brews, tinctures and potions – and of course eating. She is constantly permeating her atmospheric superpower which is creating an ambiance of chill vibes while pursuing her literary ambitions. And, what most people don’t know about Annie is that she has a fear of bellybuttons – or rather an aversion.

What is absolutely off the table when it comes to sexual exploration?

Nothing. There are a few things Annie might be tentative to try, but she has found that the best thing for sexual exploration is to be a pioneer and examine every frontier. “I like a little bit of everything that I’ve tried,” she explains. “Recently, I’ve been exploring BDSM and can’t control myself when my partner ties me up and grabs my nipples.” BDSM is often demonized as abusive and raunchy, but Annie declares that the society is actually very open, concerned about safety and prioritizes consent by following certain rules that every sexual seeker should learn to exercise.

Julia, Jill of all trades: Let’s get back to bed boy


The newest addition to our family is Julia. She has just recently moved from Munich to Berlin leaving her beloved dog Beppo and her nephew Sascha behind, finding her passion and inner Zen in the city. On the tube she likes to meditate or listen to podcasts like „The stylist podcast“ to stay up to date to all new things spirituality and mental health. It’s her dream to run a marathon one day, so you’ll usually find her doing one of her three favorite things: running, working or eating.

What was the most exciting/impromptu sex that you have had?

„I’ll tell you the story about my most exciting almost impromptu sex.“ When Julia was traveling Indonesia with her patner, they found themselves in the mood, when they where at the beach. They walked down the beach until they came to a deserted area. „We started kissing, but it was just too awkward. I couldn’t relax. It was way too hot and I was expecting a local to come around the corner any minute, so we both chickened out.“, she explains. So instead of violating any laws of public display of affection, they decided to take it back to the bedroom. „And all the anticipation led to really good sex at home. Over all I think that the best sex is always in bed.“

Content Creator at | Website

Annie is the Content Creator at Femna as well as a freelance writer in the cannabis, architecture, wine and travel industries. She enjoys the smell of an early, dewy morning surrounded by redwood trees upon a mountain top. There she thrives.

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