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Leisa Hirtz

"My only regret is that I didn’t find your products sooner."

As I’ve gotten older and closer to menopause, my PMS symptoms, cramping and flow have regrettably become quite severe. I’m super thrilled to have found your amazing Femna Teas. The three teas I’ve been steeping regularly are Confusion Infusion, Zero Tolerance and Red Sea. The improvement on my mental calmness, control of cramps and gentler menstrual flow shocked the usual skeptic in me.

Joana Schulze

"I am relieved that I no longer have to burden my body with painkillers and have found a natural solution."

I always struggled with pain during my period, especially since I stopped taking the pill. I had to take painkillers at the beginning of my period and had to lie down and my day was ruined. I also honestly did not believe that a tea could change this situation. But I wanted to try it nevertheless! The tea helped me for the first time to go through my period naturally without painkillers – even through the first, particularly painful day. This increases my life quality enormously!

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